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Toddler Talk: Episode 5

10 Aug

Toddler Talk
Episode 6

Toddler Talk Web Episode 6Happy hour!

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Dance, Baby!

13 Jul

Sometimes you need to dance with your baby.

And sometimes you just need to DANCE, BABY!

Yesterday I caught myself dancing to this tunes on the Pandora.comCasper Babypants” radio station. Yes, I know the station is meant for kids, as Szaba so kindly reminded me by sitting quietly with her books and watching me in mild amusement.

Let’s see if you can resist the song (and might I suggest not even trying to).

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Double Rainbow

6 Jul

If you haven’t seen the “Double Rainbow” video by now, my husband would make some comment about the breadth and depth of the hole you’ve been living in for the past two years.

I’ve included the video below, should you want to refute him or simple have a laugh down memory lane.

Needless to say, it rippled through the web right around the time that I had Szaba.

I vividly remember Ryan playing the video in the chair beside me, while I cuddled the unfathomable miracle of our new daughter. I couldn’t see what he was watching, but I could hear it.

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The Timeline Mirror

29 Jun

Living in the moment: Krabi, Thailand

My gift to you this Friday? No less than a key to happiness.

This Joseph Campbell video on childhood, living in the present, and the reflection of age is especially poignant to me as I prepare for my daughter’s second birthday next week. I hope it will be equally thought-provoking for you, no matter what stage life finds you.

The Timeline Mirror

(Video Excerpt)

Joseph Campbell Interview

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Toddler Talk: Episode 3

15 Jun

Toddler Talk
Episode 3

Somewhere in Seattle …

Szaba: I’ve only seen it in books, but I think that’s the SUN!

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Toddler Talk: Episode 2

11 May

Toddler Talk
Episode 2
“The Great Escape”

Isn’t this the life? Let’s stay up and drink milk all night.

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Living Art

4 May

If I won the lottery (which would be pretty difficult, since I don’t play it), I would commission a house that’s a living art piece. As in, a piece of art you live in.

Stick with me here. There is a point that pertains to you.

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