A Song in Your Sails

Here’s to starting the week with something beautiful. Here’s to being inspired and having the guts to do the inspiring. Here’s to being our best selves—flawed, ever-evolving, and committed to following the path that’s calling, even if it’s not the easy one. May this song put wind in your sails and resolution in your heart.

Birthday Song

I heard a song on the radio the other day and remembered singing it to Szaba during the wee morning hours when she was a baby. Now my “baby” is three, and though I’m not particularly a Bruno Mars fan, I still take this song’s message to heart. It’s up to me to keep Szaba believing she’s nothing … More Birthday Song

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One evening last week, Szaba, Pavlov, and I were headed out for our evening walk. The sun had broken through the clouds and a fall drizzle hung in the air. I told her, “Keep an eye out for rainbows. They venture out in this kind of weather.”

Dance, Baby!

Sometimes you need to dance with your baby. And sometimes you just need to DANCE, BABY! Yesterday I caught myself dancing to this tunes on the Pandora.com “Casper Babypants” radio station. Yes, I know the station is meant for kids, as Szaba so kindly reminded me by sitting quietly with her books and watching me … More Dance, Baby!

Garden of Your Mind

I’m so glad my friend Nate posted this on Facebook yesterday. It made me all kinds of happy. Nothing is so pressing that you can’t take three minutes to watch this. And what a great GREAT message, not just for kids, but for all of us.

May All Your Days Be Gold

I heard this song in the car the other day on KEXP. It reminded me of my recent manifesto to start every day cuddling with my baby. If you’re in the mood for a feel-good tune, this is well worth a listen. “In silver piles of smiles,/May all your days be gold, my child … ”