Birthday Song

July 3 Holiday Baby
Newborn in arms, I watched the fireworks from my hospital window.

I heard a song on the radio the other day and remembered singing it to Szaba during the wee morning hours when she was a baby.

Now my “baby” is three, and though I’m not particularly a Bruno Mars fan, I still take this song’s message to heart. It’s up to me to keep Szaba believing she’s nothing short of incredible. Because she is. We all are. And somewhere in the process of growing up, a lot of us lose that.

You’re amazing, just the way you are, Szaba. I can’t wait to witness another year of you being you. Happy Birthday, my love.

My Happy Birthday Song for Szaba

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And here are my birthday wishes from last year, which will forever hold true:

Mother Daughter Wish Hopes Dreams

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