Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One evening last week, Szaba, Pavlov, and I were headed out for our evening walk. The sun had broken through the clouds and a fall drizzle hung in the air. I told her, “Keep an eye out for rainbows. They venture out in this kind of weather.”

Sure enough, as we rounded a bend on the path by the lake, we saw a huge arch towering east to west across the sky. Szaba was thrilled, curious, and mesmerized.

As a adults, most of us probably don’t remember our first rainbow sighting, but as parents, it’s a glorious experience to witness that revelation through fresh eyes.

Today, days after that sighting, my daughter is still talking about rainbows, coloring rainbows, and asked me to sing rainbow songs.

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is a new mainstay in our nightly routine. Little does she know how fitting that is, given her Grandma Suzy’s fondness for everything Oz.

May it bring back a little childhood wonder for you, too, and a rainbow connection with someone you love, whether here or far. Happy Friday.

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