Top 3: Blogs for Moms

Welcome to my new “Top 3” feature. Today, I’m highlighting three of my favorite fun (and helpful) blogs for moms. In the future I’ll cover books, video games, board games, TED Talks, crafts, and whatever else suits my (and your) fancy. So let me know what you’d like to see! Please note that I have … More Top 3: Blogs for Moms

Packing Toys for Flying With Kids

Kids on a plane. Not to be confused with Snakes on a Plane—though you may find both prospects equally terrifying. We’ve traveled a lot with our toddler (read my guest “manifesto” on, and my mom friends are always asking me for tips. These are my four “rules” for packing toys for airplane travel with kids:


“A journey to a place which is considered special and which you visit to show your respect.”—Cambridge Dictionaries Online And thus my husband, daughter, and I embark on a pilgrimage to the island of St. John. Obviously, it’s gorgeous. But why is it so special to us?

That Dancing Guy

The other day I was going to meet a couple of old Cranium alumni for happy hour. At the last minute, my friend Wynn had to cancel. I’m leaving for my whirlwind trip around the world that night at 1:00 AM. Hold up. What!? Whirlwind trip around the world? Turns out he was helping Matt … More That Dancing Guy