Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

My birthday is the day before Christmas, and my daughter’s is the day before the 4th of July. I mention it because holiday birthdays can make a person a little birthday crazy. (Just ask my husband.)

To me, birthdays are a BIG DEAL. Because they have to be. Because you need to wave your arms a lot to get noticed amid the tinsel and fireworks.

July 3 Holiday Baby
Newborn in arms, I watched the July 4th fireworks from my hospital window.

But after running around like Martha Stewart on steroids yesterday, trying to make Szaba’s birthday perfect, I realized something.

Color-coordinated decorations, fancy toys, and perfectly executed menus don’t mean much to a 2 year old. And frankly, they don’t mean much to me either. What does matter is the fact that Szaba is here, how much I adore her, and the small part I play in nurturing that rare bloom of existence.

So when my daughter blows out those two little candles tomorrow, she may not make a wish, but I will …

Mother Daughter Wish Hopes Dreams

Those wishes are my gift to you, Szaba. Happy birthday, today and everyday. I am so overjoyed and privileged to be your “mum.” I love you beyond time.

Book Publishing Design Illustration

Now Available … The Denim Jungle!

Inspired by a son’s dream and a mother’s wish.

There’s a whole other world out there from toddler height. Are you ready to dream… small?





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