Personalized Frame

My friend Amber gave me this idea. She made a personalized frame for my daughter last year for Christmas. Admit it: It’s freaking adorable.

A spot of honor with Bo, Peep, Toe, Grimm, Robot, Ryan’s childhood elephant, and Cristina Baby.

All you need is:

  • A basic picture frame (get a cheap, unvarnished one at any craft store)
  • Some paint (use your kids’ craft stuff or leftovers from house projects)
  • Some sticky foam or felt with craft glue

Make one today with your little one. Add a picture and surprise someone special: a grandparent, aunt, cousin, sibling, friend … or even yourself.

Okay, it wouldn’t technically be a surprise if it’s for yourself. A surprise cannot be premeditated by the recipient. For you, let’s go with unexpected treat.

Cheap, creative, thoughtful, and easy. Enjoy!

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