The Making of a Mural

Invisible Creature South Lake Union Mural
“Keys to the City” Mural by Invisible Creature, South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

I found this video about the process of making of a mural absolutely fascinating (see below). I never cease to be amazed at the lengths people will go to for the sake of projecting beauty and creativity from the inside out.

If you want to get your kids in on the fun, draw a picture together and borrow or rent a projector from your school or library. Project and draw your design on the wall. Then paint it with the leftover buckets of paint you undoubtedly have lying around.

Bring new life to a boring bedroom, neglected hallway, or sad shed. There’s always something that could use a little art pick-me-up … plus wouldn’t it be fun?

I discovered the amazing Clark brothers as part of my children’s book illustrator researchIf you like their work, they have lots of cool prints available at

Invisible Creature
“Keys to the City”
The Making of a Mural

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