Hostess Gift Ideas

If there were a spokeswomen for hostess gifts, I’d be a contender.

Cubicle Hoarding
No, not that Hostess. Although sadly, with the closure, I will never be able to jump in a Twinkie cubicle pit like this.

Anyone who’s ever hosted anything knows that, after putting so much thought and work into doing something for others, it’s heartwarming to have a little gesture of acknowledgment in return.

Whether you use one of these ideas or (even better) come up with something specific to your host, the key is: You don’t need to spend much. The saying holds true. It’s the thought that counts.

Some of my all-time favorite hosts. They always made it look so easy!

7 Hostess Gift Ideas

1. Wine

It’s the go-to host gift, but handing over a bottle can fall kind of flat. Make it special with the presentation. Stamp a plain gift bag or some butcher-block paper. Get the kids involved, too, and—bonus!—check off craft time as well.

Want to really bring a smile to their faces? Make a critter sleeve from one a match-deprived sock. Or get (or print your own) personalized labels, like this one from

2. Cookies

Come on, who doesn’t like cookies? Make your own or “cheat” and get store-bought ones. The fun comes in decorating them in a theme personalized to the host, whether it be Dancing with the Stars or D&D.

They sell this set at Williams Sonoma.
Keep the cutters for yourself and surprise your kids
(and hubbie) with a Yoda or Vader sandwich.

3. Pitcher

Splurge on something nice, or check your local discount store. (Ross and even Big Lots are great for this.) Then fill it with teas and honey, hot chocolates and marshmallows, coffees and creamers, you get the idea.

4. Cards

Homemade cards are better than bought. Get some inexpensive blank cards (or cut and fold paper into cards) and paint, stamp, or collage them into a cute little stationary set. Tie with a ribbon and garnish with a pretty pen.

How sweet are these DIY map cards from

5. Mix Tape

Okay, so it probably won’t be a “tape” per se (unless Grams still rocks the cassette stereo), but the idea holds true. Burn a CD of songs for the party, with holiday tunes or music you think the host and guests will enjoy.

Funny CD sleeve from 5 to 9 Blog. Get the free printable here.

6. Picture

Personalize a picture frame with paint, foam stickies, buttons, shells, sequins, stamps, yarn, felt, puzzle pieces, or even rolled bits of colorful paper. Include a meaningful snapshot of a holiday past, a special someone, or a well-loved family recipe.

7. Vase

Flowers are pretty, but let’s face it, they don’t last long. You can still give them (they are a nice touch), but why not present them in a one-of-a-kind vase? Just get a cheap clear vase and decorate it with paint, sequins, yarn, peddles, bits of broken ceramic ware, beads, etc.

Hostess Gift

From InspiringPretty, using just a beer bottle!
Get lots more DIY vase ideas on there site here.

Have a great party! I hope your hosts love their gifts. (I’m sure they will!)

Have your own go-to hostess gift? Please share it. You know me: I’m always up for inspiration.

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