Wear a Story

Skirt: Spain trip with Sue. Earrings: Visit to a Balinese silversmith's home. Shirt: Minneapolis 3-Day 2011.
Skirt: Spain trip with Sue. Earrings: Visit to a Balinese silversmith’s home. Shirt: Minneapolis 3-Day 2011.

What are you wearing?

That’s kind of an intimate question isn’t it? But clothing is rather intimate. It comforts. It covers. It projects.

It can spark conversations and memories, too.

So look again: What are you wearing?

  • Do you remember where you got it?
  • Do you remember where else you’ve worn it?
  • What’s the story behind it?

If it doesn’t have a story, it’s never too late to give it one. Do something fun, spontaneous, brave, or silly in it today. I bet it will make you smile the next time you put it on. And then people will ask you what you’re smiling about.

So give them a good answer! Wear a story. And the next time you’re having a great adventure, take home something you can periodically wear  to remember it by.

Carpe diem! Carpe ornamentum!

Inspired to tell your story of what you’re wearing? Share it in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Wear a Story

  1. Love it! I have some great jewelry finds from around the world. Sadly my clothing taste when traveling is not always so stellar. What looks fab in one country can look a little strange in another. I’ve gotten much more careful about my clothing impulse buys. HOWEVER, the clothing that I pack, and usually it’s a lot of the same stuff, can tell you all sorts of fun tales and adventures from across the globe. Like the t-shirt I have on right now 😉

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