What’s a Tubkaak?

What’s a Tubkaak?

a. a rare bird
b. a naughty word
c. an eco-friendly resort
d. a Taiwanese game


Have your guess? Well, here’s your answer:

Tubkaak_HiddenDon’t see it? Let’s flip the viewpoint …

Tubkaak_ViewAhhhh. Now that’s a sight for stressed, winter-weary eyes.

It’s a secluded gem of a resort on the Krabi coast of Thailand, not far from the more well-known islands of Phuket (party central) and Phi Phi (of 2004 tsunami fame).

To put it simply: the Tubkaak is my favorite place in all the world … or at least of the places I’ve experienced thus far, which is more than few.

Why? Beauty, seclusion, relaxation, the people, oodles of gorgeous day trips just a car or boat ride away, and did I mention the beauty?

If you’re in the market for big trip (you really should stay a full week, and it’s long flight from the U.S.), or you simply want to daydream, here are some photos to prove my point.

Oh, and Tubkaak apparently means “home for visitors,” so it’s not naughty at all. Actually, it’s rather appropriate, given how you’re made to feel when you’re there. It’s been years since we discovered it, but each Christmas since, they’ve sent us a card with a photo of all their staff, many of whom are still there.

We’ve directed friends to go stay there, too, and they came back equally gushing.

We will return one day. Mark my words. Maybe we’ll see you there?

Happy daydreaming … and for more wanderlust:

If you’re interested in traveling to the Krabi area, leave any questions you may have in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them. There are some day trips that I’d particularly recommend.

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4 thoughts on “What’s a Tubkaak?

  1. Hi Angela, great to see you enjoyed it so much, i’m going to be staying there in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait now! Any tips for things to do or places to go when I’m there? Only have a few days unfortunately. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Dan. First, let’s get this out of the way: I’m jealous! Second, you are in for an amazing stay. Here are the top three outings I’d recommend. You can’t go wrong with any of them. 1) Ao Nang with a Side Trip to Railay: Have the Tubkaak arrange for a cab to take you to Ao Nang (leave after an early breakfast). Ao Nang is a lovely beachside town, and from there you can rent a local boat over to Railay, which is only accessible by boat. The ride alone is gorgeous, plus Railay is a laidback tourist destination. We timed it so we could get back to Ao Nang by sunset for a beachside cocktails at one of the many open-air bars and restaurants. Then we found a cab to take us back to the Tubkaak, which wasn’t difficult. If you’re worried about it, stop into one of the many hotels, and they’ll help you. 2. Koh Phi Phi Snorkeling Trip: The Tubkaak arranged this for us. A shuttle picked us up early and drove us to where we caught the boat. From there the boat ride was spectacular, and we stopped at a couple of good snorkle spots along the way. Then we had a delicious group lunch at Koh Phi and Phi and time to tour around on our own before heading back and stopping for one more chance at snorkeling on a secluded beach. 3. Fishing and Kayaking Trip to the Islands in View of the Tubkaak: This trip had the most local flavor. Two friendly fisherman picked us up on the resort’s beach in the morning, and we fished on our way out to the nearby islands. When we arrived, our boat companions served us a picnic lunch including the fish we had just caught. While we ate, we were visited by a large lizard slightly smaller than a komodo dragon. That was a surprise and certainly something to see! Then they outfitted us in kayaks, and we made our way around the small island, which included a large cliff-surrounded lagoon with fish, fowl, and jellyfish. On our way back, we stopped at another island full of local workers hanging out. They harvest birds’ nest there (for the famed Thai birdsnest soup), and we enjoyed the scenery, a dip, and a beer. Then it was just a quick boat ride back, and we were “home” in time for hammock naps and a sunset dinner at the Tubkaak’s wonderful restaurant. There was a downpour that night at the end of our meal, I remember, but the open-air restaurant does have a roof, so it was still quite pleasant. The chorus of frogs in the rain made for unforgettable dinner entertainment. Enjoy! And if you think of, stop back here when you return and leave a comment about your experience and what you ended up doing. Have a fantastic time, and I’m so glad I could help.

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