Two to Tango

OurWeddingWe had one date in college, and it was a disaster. That was 17 years ago.

After college, Chicago kept putting us in each other’s paths. Eventually, mutual friends had a party, and I decided to give him another chance. Plus, he said he was up for trying tango lessons with me—and he actually followed through on it.

OurWedding_KissWe tangoed as the first dance at our wedding.

Ten years later, we’ve been doing the marriage tango ever since, now with a baby, dog, and house in tow.

Who knows where this dance is headed next, but each new year brings new lessons, new steps, new twists and turns.

They say it takes to two to tango, Ryan, and I’m glad you’re my +1. Thanks for being my partner—in marriage, in parenthood, and in life. Happy tenth wedding anniversary.

10 Years of Marriage Stats

  • Kids: 1
  • Heartbreaking Losses: 2
  • Countries: 8
  • Houses: 2
  • Friends’ Weddings: 14
  • Dogs: 1
  • Frogs: 1
  • Glass Blowing Classes: 6
  • 3-Day Walks: 1
  • Hot-Air Balloon Rides: 1
  • Bike Rides Down a Volcano: 1
  • Tuk-Tuks: 1
  • Cruises: 1
  • Impromptu Barcelona Night Parades: 1
  • Waterfalls Climbed: 1
  • National Parks: 6
  • Museums: 9
  • Roman Ruins: 2
  • Carnivorous Plants: 6
  • Baby Showers: 4
  • Islands: 11
  • Mountain Cabins: 2
  • Reunions: 3
  • Private Dinners by a Winner of “Top Chef”: 1
  • Zoos: 3
  • Presidential Elections: 3
  • Cars: 3
  • Gaudi Tours: 3
  • Alaska Train Treks: 1
  • Camping Trips: 3
  • Wild Bear Sightings: 1
  • Wild Giant Lizard Sightings: 1
  • Wild Monkey Sightings: 2
  • Pumpkin Days: 9
  • Christmases in Seattle: 2
  • D&D Campaigns: 1.1
  • Zipline Excursions: 1
  • Vegas Trips: 7
  • Snubba Dives: 1
  • Flamenco Shows: 1
  • Symphonies: 7
  • “Million-Dollar” Dinners: 1
  • Shipped video games: 7
  • Chocolate Massages: 1
  • Four-Wheeler Wine Tastings: 1

My Wedding Vows to Ryan . August 23 . 2003

“You gather me. The pieces of me, you gather together and give back in all the right order. It’s good to have a love who is a friend of your mind.”

Those words may have been written by Toni Morrison, but they so perfectly describe how I feel being your love and your best friend. You gather me. The pieces all fit. Being with you is as natural as breathing.

I promise to always love you in this natural and honest way, with a full heart and a clear mind. I vow to face our challenges with strength; understanding; good communication; and the willingness to give, to talk, to accept, and to forgive.

I promise to hand over all the pieces of me; to work on refining the ones that are still a little rough; to bring forth all the ones that make up the best of me; to have pride in the ones that make Angela uniquely Angela; and to keep adding to those pieces through my commitment to you, to myself, and to our love.

In turn, I will gather you. I will help you discover new pieces of yourself and find new ways for those piece to work together. I will give you support and encouragement in the pieces you work to refine. I will honor all the pieces that make Ryan Hylland the man I love and the friend I choose to spend the rest of my life with. I will help you build onto those pieces, as we grow as individuals and as the love we share matures.

Finally, I promise that you will always have a love who is a friend of your mind. I will love you and proudly, joyfully stand beside you as your wife for the rest of our days.

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5 thoughts on “Two to Tango

  1. Happy Anniversary! I remember the day fondly! What a great time we had and a beautiful weekend – just like you and Ryan. You guys are great and although we’ve been able to see you more than usual this summer, we always wish we lived closer and saw you guys more often!

  2. Your list doesn’t begin to define the joys, sorrow, love, happiness, frustrations and jubilation the these wonderful 10 years have been. I could hardly imagine during our wedding that we’d be here now but looking back it’s everything and more I hoped it would be. Happy anniversary to my loving, caring, patient wife. I love you and thank you for being with me.

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