3 Things You Can Do TODAY to Fight Breast Cancer

Minnesota 3 Day Supporters 2011Did you know that one in eight women will battle breast cancer?

I’d venture to say that every person reading this has had their life touched by it. I’ve lost a grandma to it, a mother-in-law, and this year, nearly a friend.

Isn’t it time we took down this killer for good?

Your life—or your sister’s, daughter’s, friend’s, or mom’s—depends on it.

Here are 3 things you can do TODAY to fight breast cancer.

1. Be proactive.

  • Contribute money now, so you’ll have better treatments (and maybe even a cure?) when you need it later.

2. Be knowledgeable.

3. Be unrelenting.

  • Learn about new mammogram technology that could help—and why most of us can’t get it yet.
  • Demand change to anyone who will listen. Change isn’t made by the loud yelling of one, but the insistent murmurs of many.

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