Guessing Game Gift Tags

Top off the perfect gift with the perfect gift tag — something that doesn’t just say “To” and “From,” but recognizes those things that make your recipient so gift-worthy. You can make a game out of it, too …

No-Sew Costume Wig

Need an easy (and impressive) finishing touch for that last-minute costume you’re pulling together? Here’s a great solution: If you need a wig… And can’t really sew (like me)… And don’t want to spend $40 on an itchy, ill-fitting travesty at a costume shop… Make your own no-sew wig! Pssst: As promised, if you want … More No-Sew Costume Wig

Baby Mobile

Need something to keep you busy during the “nesting” stage? A baby shower idea? Just something cute for your kid’s room, so you can say, “Your mom made that!” How about this DIY baby mobile? I myself was in the nesting stage when I conceptualized it, thanks to some pricey inspiration pieces on Etsy. Except … More Baby Mobile

6 Uses for Mismatched Socks

No matter how careful we are or how organized, socks bide their time, plotting their great escape. And don’t even get me started on the disappearing tactics of the itsy-bitsy toddler variety. I’ve come to accept this as some sort of basic law of physics. As such, I’m no longer fighting it. I’m embracing it.

Card Making

Yesterday a friend posted a story about a older gentleman diligently searching for the perfect Valentine for his wife in the greeting cards aisle. Sadly, the card he picked was too expensive at check out, and he left empty handed. I was so moved by this story that it inspired me to share this idea … More Card Making