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Guessing Game Gift Tags

19 Dec

Guessing Game Gift TagsTop off the perfect gift with the perfect gift tag — something that doesn’t just say “To” and “From,” but recognizes those things that make your recipient so gift-worthy. You can make a game out of it, too …

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No-Sew Costume Wig

26 Oct
Madame Curie Outfit

Can’t sew? Little dough? Your costume remedy…

Need an easy (and impressive) finishing touch for that last-minute costume you’re pulling together?

Here’s a great solution if you:

Need a wig.

Can’t really sew (like me).

And don’t want to spend $40 on an itchy, ill-fitting travesty at a costume shop.

Pssst: As promised, if you want to see part three of Szaba’s inspiring women in history costume series, scroll to the bottom of this post.

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Baby Mobile

19 Sep

Kids Room Felt Animal Nursery Craft DecorationNeed something to keep you busy during the “nesting” stage? A baby shower idea? Just something cute for your kid’s room, so you can say, “Your mom made that!”

How about this DIY baby mobile?

I myself was in the nesting stage when I conceptualized it, thanks to some pricey inspiration pieces on Etsy. Except in this case, instead of just saying, “I could do that,” I actually did.

But I enlisted help. I invited my girlfriends over for brunch and asked them to bring some craft supplies to share: felt, buttons, yarn, thread, and bits of ribbon.

After suitably plying them with coffee and pastries, I asked them to each create a “feltie” (a small, felt, stuffed creature) to hang from my mobile. After some hemming and hawing (“I can’t sew!” “I’m not creative!”), they quickly got into it.

The thing I liked best about it was, during those long nights and early mornings rocking my baby in her nursery, I often gazed upon that mobile and was reminded of what it represented: all of my friends’ love and support.

Want to make one for yourself or give one as a gift? Here’s how:

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Personalized Frame

28 Aug

My friend Amber gave me this idea. She made a personalized frame for my daughter last year for Christmas. Admit it: It’s freaking adorable.

A spot of honor with Bo, Peep, Toe, Grimm, Robot, Ryan’s childhood elephant, and Cristina Baby.

All you need is:

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6 Uses for Mismatched Socks

15 Aug

Pavlov’s amorphous sock toy.

No matter how careful we are or how organized, socks bide their time, plotting their great escape.

And don’t even get me started on the disappearing tactics of the itsy-bitsy toddler variety.

I’ve come to accept this as some sort of basic law of physics. As such, I’m no longer fighting it. I’m embracing it.

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Card Making

14 Feb

Yesterday a friend posted a story about a older gentleman diligently searching for the perfect Valentine for his wife in the greeting cards aisle. Sadly, the card he picked was too expensive at check out, and he left empty handed.

I was so moved by this story that it inspired me to share this idea I tried with my toddler this year. It’s not a particularly unique idea, I’ll admit, but who knows? Maybe it could help that next someone walking away from a thoughtful intention.

Whether you’re low on funds; looking for a last-minute idea (that’s still meaningful); or simply searching for something fun, cheap, and easy idea to occupy your toddler, this is for you.

We made our cards for Valentine’s Day (for ourselves, grandparents, and the babysitter), but you could make them for anything really: just because, the holidays, birthday cards, thank you’s, etc.

I had my toddler do the paint “print” for the background. Then I cut her painted paper into the shapes I wanted, printed some digital pictures on my little home office printer, and paste them on. Nothing fancy. I had some extra card stock on hand to use as a border, but you wouldn’t need that. They were plenty pretty without.

And that was it. Simple, beautiful, meaningful, and they’ll never let you down at the cash register.

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