New Perspective

I’ve decided what my 30-day challenge is going to be. It morphed out of a friend’s Facebook post about 30 Characters 30 Days. That in turn, oddly enough, got me thinking about some self-exploratory art exercises I enjoyed in my favorite pregnancy book, Birthing from Within. It’s an odd combo, for sure, but inspiration is like that. … More New Perspective

Booby Trap

Yesterday I was going to write a post in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and talk about all the ways boobs are great and why we should look out for them. Finally, a blog post more in the spirit of Sue: funny, lighthearted, and forthright, but with a purpose. I was going to call it … More Booby Trap

“The List”

I have a life-changing treasure tucked away in the “Draft” folder of my e-mail. The subject line reads: The best Xmas gift I could ever give both of us I wrote it and read it to Sue on December 2, 2010, hours before she died. In truth, I had started it a few days earlier … More “The List”

The Book Walk

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, witnessing the 3 Day did something to me. It called forth a booming rallying cry in my soul. It challenged me to make a difference in the lives of others, but especially for cancer victims and their families. Months ago I started dabbling with a children’s book … More The Book Walk

3 Day

When Sue told me about her involvement in the 3 Day years ago, I was proud of her, but I didn’t truly “get it.” Now I do. After attending the Twin Cities 3 Day and cheering on its walkers every day, it was almost as if Sue’s soul was there, cheering along beside me, and … More 3 Day

In Loving Memory

This site is dedicated in loving memory to Sue LaGow A week from today, Sue would’ve been 65. Instead, she is gone, robbed of the rest of her incomparable life by breast cancer. In title, Sue was my mother-in-law. More importantly, she was my mentor, inspiration, and dearest friend. And there are literally hundreds of people who would … More In Loving Memory