9 Years and Counting

Two crazy kids falling in love. January 1, 1999.

Happy anniversary to my husband, without whom I would know, be, have, appreciate, and understand so much less.

Who would’ve thought when we were dancing the night away at Chi Delt, partying in Jay’s presidential suite, or tailgating on top of U-Hal trucks that we’d end up here? Evidently, the Chicago El train did, or it wouldn’t have kept throwing you back on my path (despite my best evasion tactics … sorry about that).

Ryan, in honor of our 9 years of marriage—and 13.5 years together? whoa, that’s crazy—I made you this:

The Hyllands, August 23, 2003-2012
(click to see slide show)

Here’s to the new horizons, accomplishments, adventures, paths, and dreams awaiting us in the next 9 years. Thanks for being my life partner, an amazing father, an honest friend, and a constant source of entertainment.

By the way, this slideshow tool is called Haiku Deck. My friend Adam just made it, and I’ve been using it for everything from this to marketing projects to book outlines. It’s free on the iTunes App Store right now, if you want to check it out. Be forewarned: It’s addicting. And no, he did not pay me to say that. Yet.

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12 thoughts on “9 Years and Counting

  1. Angela & Ryan –

    Happy 9th anniversary yesterday!! I should always remember your wedding date but I am terrible with the calendar for some reason. I remember very well how much fun Sue and Shirley had and how proud they were to add you Angela to the family. I have been bragging up your daughter to others that know you – she is so cute and well behaved. What a blast!!!

    Hope you guys had a great day.


    1. Aw, thanks, Steve. It’s been an emotional week, but at the end of the day I, like you, end up back at our wedding and remembering the pride, vivacity, and joy that Sue and Shirley had in that moment, not to mention my own overwhelming happiness. I’m sticking with that. 🙂 Happy belated birthday to you, too!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Two of my favorite people ever in the space time continuum. Is that how you spell that?

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