A Feast of Holiday Ideas

Bonus Idea: Finger Print Tree!
Bonus Idea: Finger Print Tree!

As a thank you for your support and readership over the past three years, I’ve rounded up a feast of holiday ideas—crafts, dinner party fun, and hostess gifts—in one handy post.

You have plenty to take care of. Let me help check something off of your list.

Then, take that extra time to really be present for those you’re thankful for. That’s the best gift I could possibly give you.

Happy together time,

A Feast of Holiday Ideas

Thanksgiving Crafts

  1. Grateful Napkin Rings
  2. Personalized Place Cards
  3. Recipe Memento
  4. Family Hall of Fame
  5. Award Certificates

Dinner Party Ideas

  1. Potluck
  2. Musical Chairs Invite
  3. Rotating Host
  4. Theme Ideas
  5. Personalized Touches

Hostess Gifts

  1. Something Jolly
  2. Something Tasty
  3. Something Overfloweth
  4. Something Notable
  5. Something Audible
  6. Something Frame-able
  7. Something Lasting

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