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Top 10: Seattle Places to “Work from Home”

23 Jan

Seattle Coffee Shop ChocolatiYou probably know that Seattle is a coffee town. But you might not know that hordes of nomadic workers use its cozy, caffeinated haunts as offices.

Whether you’re a fellow Seattle freelancer (like me), a local looking for a good place to read the day away, or just someone daydreaming about Seattle coffee culture, this Top 10 list is for you.

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Free Seattle: Holiday Fun

19 Dec

Free Seattle Holiday FunReady to throw that list to the wind and enjoy the last few days of the holiday season?

Here are five ideas for some free Seattle holiday fun.

Bundle up, have a cocoa, and most of all, get out there and be merry! Life is too short to stress over cookie exchanges and finding a gift for that distant uncle who may or may not show up on Christmas Eve.

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26 Sep

RyanJackoLanternWhat tradition marks the beginning of the holiday season for you?

In our house (and now our friends’) it’s coffee. And surprisingly, this tradition has nothing to do with Seattle, but rather Minnesota… by way of Chicago…

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Free Seattle: Pike Place Market

26 Aug


It’s THE tourist thing to do in Seattle. Cruise ships passengers march up its harbor steps, and even locals can’t resist the cheap flowers and fresh produce. It’s also a fantastic free place to go exploring with kids.


  • Free
  • All-day browsing
  • Great people watching
  • Covered, for those rainy Seattle days


What to do:

  • Watch the exuberant fish throwing at Pike Place Fish (near the pig). Tell them you want to take a picture, or better yet a video, and they’ll oblige, though snarkily of course. That’s part of the fun.
  • Ask to see a magic trick at the Market Magic Shop.
  • Enjoy the tunes of street performers.
  • Taste test some yummy Chukar Cherries. They’re always happy to offer a sample.
  • Watch how they make cheese at Beecher’s.
  • See the first Starbucks. There’s really not much to it, but it’s something people like to do.
  • Pet the brass pig for good luck.


Know Before You Go:

  • Avoid driving around here. Take a bus or cab. If you must drive, beware the one-way streets and aimlessly wandering pedestrians.
  • Accompany your kids to the market bathrooms. Sometimes they’re a bit sketchy.
  • If you go in the summer or on a weekend, it’s going to be crowded—as in shoulder-to-shoulder crowded. Be patient or pick a less busy day. If you need to bring a stroller, this is especially important to note.
  • If you’re from out of town, don’t buy fish to ship home (they will offer to). I can tell you, as a local who’s brought fish there and brought it straight home, 9 times out of 10, it wasn’t exactly fresh. I can’t imagine what you’d end up with after shipping it.
  • Lowell’s is a nice little restaurant with a good view, but I say, skip the crowds (inherent to Lowell’s central location) and head to the Pike Street Pub on the second floor, kitty-corner to the Pike Place sign. It has a fantastic view of the market, plenty of seating, reasonable prices, and decent food, too.


For more free Seattle fun, try one of these adventures:

Have your own tips for free things to do in and around Seattle … or your city? Please share!

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Free Seattle: Ballard Splash Park

15 Aug

BallardSplashLet’s face it. Seattle has a very limited number of hot, summer days. Take advantage of them while you can with a trip to one of the city’s many splash parks. My favorite, location-wise, is the Ballard Splash Park. Here’s why …

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Free Seattle: Arboretum

8 Aug

Spring Arboretum Szaba Angela


  • Free
  • Acres upon acres of gorgeous wandering
  • Something new to see every time
  • Feels far removed from the city

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Free Seattle: Golden Gardens

1 Aug

Golden Gardens SunsetOn a sunny evening in Seattle, you really can’t beat Golden Gardens.


  • Free
  • Amazing sunset views of ocean, boats, and mountains
  • Lots of free parking
  • Good wind for kite flying
  • Picturesque picture taking

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